Southwest Michigan First Catalyst University - Creativity - Innovation - Leadership

About Us

In 2010, Southwest Michigan First made a conscious decision to ask our team, friends, partners and everyone we came in contact with, "Are you ready to lead?"  Some people answered, "Yes!" confidently.  Others got wide-eyed and looked around.  Most bravely offered, "I can do it. But, I need to do something to help me prepare."

Out of our careful questioning, we confirmed what we already knew: the people of Southwest Michigan are passionate about determining their future.  We purposefully developed a program around leadership development.  Our first event, Catalyst 2011, kindled a passion for leadership in our audience. Our attendees screamed for more. We heard you. In 2012, we doubled our attendance rate and packed even more “wow” into your day. Catalyst 2013 promises even more fire!

At Catalyst 2013, you will experience a one-of-a-kind leadership event that will:

  • Challenge you to strive for everyday excellence
  • Learn strategies for your business or organization to take you to the next level and beyond
  • Get your creative juices flowing
  • Help you realize that people just like yourself make a difference in the lives of others every day
  • Gain an understand that what you do plays a role in the global economy
  • Turn your traditional methods of thought and reasoning upside down, inside out and down a new path
  • Encourage you to begin building your legacy
  • Pump up the volume and...
  • Inspire you to become one of our future leaders determined to keep Southwest Michigan on its course to global relevancy

According to Steve Pavlina, an American author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, "The essence of leadership is mobilizing people to achieve great things." Get ready to move!