Inside of Open Relationships: Polyamorous Couple Advice

More people are searching for an online dating site where they can start polyamorous relationships. This is partly due to the increased publicity that polyamory has received in recent years. Now, there are couples looking to find a woman or man on a dating service so that they can begin a polyamorous relationship.

5 Things to Follow For a Successful Polyamorous Relationship

Having a polyamorous relationship is not easy. Unlike other open relationships where couples can see other people, in polyamory, the other partner is aware of the existence of all the other singles that you are dating. It demands more communication than consensual non-monogamy.

Polyamory has so many perks including:

  • Freedom to explore,
  • Reduced insecurity in the relationship,
  • Improved communication,
  • Heightened emotional and sexual pleasure.

If you are thinking of being in a polyamorous relationship, here are some tips for you from couples. These tips are useful for beginners as well as those who have had some experience with polyamory.

1. Is this for you?

Before you take the decision to begin a polyamorous relationship, you should be sure that it is what you want. You also need to discuss with your partner if he or she is okay with having an open relationship. This way you can set guidelines that will allow you to establish a successful relationship. Examples of guidelines include:

  • Meeting all partners,
  • Approving local singles,
  • Practicing safe sex,
  • Setting boundaries,
  • Talking about problems.

2. Selecting a compatible partner

Choosing a perfect match is important in all kinds of relationships as this can have a significant effect on how your relationship proceeds. It is important to select a partner that will also put as much effort into finding good people for your polyamorous relationship. Always listen to your gut when selecting single women or men on an online dating service. The smallest bad feeling should be a warning sign that the partner is going to hurt you in one way or another. If your partner is bisexual you can even go and search for a lesbian hookup. This might increase your chances of finding someone compitable. Everything depends on what you are searching for.

3. Don’t force anything

Make sure that the primary person you are dating doesn’t feel coerced into starting a polyamorous relationship. Both of you should want the same things otherwise it’s best to part ways or not start a polyamorous relationship. Forcing a partner can set you up for disaster in the long run. Also, the coerced partner may have a hard time finding singles even when using a dating site.

4. Plan for jealousy

You are most likely to feel jealousy just like people in a monogamous relationship. Even though some polys admit to not feeling any jealousy, it doesn’t mean that you won’t. Always assess how much jealousy affects you and what impact it can have on your relationship. If you have a jealous personality then polyamory may be more challenging for you. However, you can still give it a go in an attempt to overcome your personal challenges.

5. Speak up

Letting small things accumulate is a great way to ensure a terrible relationship. Instead of keeping it in, always discuss with your partner’s so that small annoyances won’t lead to hate and resentment. Try to also understand the point of view of each partner, tell him or her about your problems. The more you talk about what bothers you, the better will be a relationship.

Walking into a polyamorous relationship with the right mindset will be the best way of enjoying all the benefits that come with this type of open relationship.

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